Black and White and Beautiful from the archives.

Back in 2012, I did a mid-week feature of the eighteen best black-and-whites to come in the prior seven days. It was called “Orpheus.” I was also doing the [daily pic] and an eighteen-image gallery called “Second Look” on Sundays. I wish I had time to do all those things again, but I just couldn’t keep it all running. Nonetheless, it was a great time. So much wonderful work, lovely to look at again.

Dilshad Abdulla

Walking down the street.

Shane Martin


Roger Clay

Unguarded Thoughts.



Hans Borghorst


Natali Prosvetova

Streetlight drugstore purposeless and dusky light.
A quarter of the century or more into your sight

Veevs Hanson

St.Pauls Cathedral

Elodie Hunting


Dilshad Abdulla

A breath of fresh air.

Shane Martin

Kim Springer

Edyta Lipinska

Self-portrait: Transformation

John Mallon

Crazy Train.

Edyta Lipinska

Self portrait I

Roger Clay

Little Young Lady

Felix Law


Felix Law

4 pieces.

Edyta Lipinska

Black Alphabet-X

Luis Fdo Nassar G


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