[daily pic] Ling Orr ~ Coffee. Tea. Breakfast.

[daily pic] Ling Orr ~ Coffee. Tea. Breakfast.


Meditation by Charles Baudelaire

Take it easy, Sadness. Settle down.
You asked for evening. Now, it’s come. It’s here.
A choking fog has blanketed the town,
infecting some with calm, the rest with fear.

While the squalid throng of mortals feels the sting
of heartless pleasure swinging its barbed knout
and finds remorse in slavish partying,
take my hand, Sorrow. I will lead you out,

away from them. Look as the dead years lurch,
in tattered clothes, from heaven’s balconies.
From the depths, regret emerges with a grin.

The spent sun passes out beneath an arch,
and, shroudlike, stretched from the antipodes,
—hear it, O hear, love!—soft night marches in.

Rolling Stones ~ Anybody Seen My Baby?

{gallery} Jody Frost ~ On The West Coast

{gallery} Jody Frost ~ On The West Coast

Jody Frost

Jody recently meandered down the west coast from Washington State to North California. Here are some of her gorgeous images from that journey.

Jody, if you want to put anything here, email to me.

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