Here is, at long last, the Winter Issue of the erstwhile iPhotographer Magazine, a magazine that died before its time.

The first iteration of the magazine took off perfectly. I worked day and night for eight months to put four initial issues together. I, like every contributor (amazingly generous and enthusiastic members of the iPhone art community)  to those issues, worked without pay. I had been blinded by my enthusiasm for the project and had ignored the fact that he toodled around Europe all summer while we labored to create those amazing first issues. I should have known to never, ever trust someone who identified himself at the “Chief Visionary” (see also: rain-makers, culture-hackers, executive thinkers, strategic polymorphs, futurists, etc. – Avoid these people as if your life depends on it!).

After we launched the magazine and it took off beyond expectations, I submitted a reasonable budget to the “publisher” so that I and everyone involved would be paid a reasonable amount for our work on future issues. He accused me of being “a whiner who shits his pants the first time the car hit a bump in the road.” Needless to say, that was the end of the magazine.

Legendary Rolling Stone magazine photographer Baron Wolman and I attempted to relaunch the magazine about a year later. Development costs were high and we hit many obstacles, so Baron and the magazine parted ways shortly after the first or second issue launched. I didn’t blame him! Lots of frustration. I was able to put out several more issues, but the going was tough without any money at all.

But I never forgot this issue or the magazine itself. I decided it would be best to abandon iPhotographer for a while and focus on relaunching this site as a social network, archive, forum, and home to groups, which was another project going back awhile due to, once again, limited funds and some big, unexpected technical issues discovered. That is one reason the old site is now an archive and not part of this P1XELS.

So now that the new site is pretty bug-free and we’ve address a multitude of interface issues, particularly for the iPad, I thought would put out the long-lost Winter Issue.

I’m really happy to put contest winner Irene Oleksiuk on the cover with that amazing picture of hers! We also have cool tutorials, Instagramers, in the Metropolis section, we have Clarisse Debout and Edward Santos in Rome, and a wonderful gallery of DSLRiOS photos from Dan Marcolina, plus much more.

I am scrambling to the issue together an publishing each page as I go, so check back in a couple hours or tomorrow and there will probably be more to the issue than there is today.

We will be publishing the magazine on a quarterly basis and will put it back into the Apple Newsstand before the Spring Issue.


Knox Bronson



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