Welcome! So glad you could make it. So glad we finally made it!

This site has been in the works for a long time. We are launching on November 29, which is the seven-year anniversary of the launch of the original P1xels website in 2009.

There are FIVE main parts to the new site:

  1. Social Network PLEASE create your profile page, add some content, make some friends!
  2. Forums – we’re just starting out so please join in. If you want a topic created, please let know. If you want to moderate a forum or run a group, please me know. This site is all about experimentation, creativity, and community!
  3. Curated feed and featured content, i.e., the Daily Pic, the curated-by-me stream as always, magazine articles, artist features, etc. It is called The Art of Now. Worth checking often!
  4. The VIDEO section. We have a lot of exclusive videos up there already with more coming. We hope to build up the section into a comprehensive resource for mobile filmmakers and people who love movies.
  5. P1XELS Magazine. Right now we are simply adding in content from the past issues of the late, lamented iPhotographer Magazine. Lots of great articles, galleries

When you get in there, you will probably note a lot of little imperfections, placeholder content, slightly awkward navigation, but we will be working on all of these issues over the days to come.

About the navigation menus

The navigation menu in the red bar at the top next to the logo is currently:

The Art of Now, the news blog, curated pictures feed, including the daily pic, articles and various posts;

Recent Work is every picture that has been uploaded by EVERYBODY! It is automatically updated all the time. If you see a picture you like in there, you can click on it & find the artist.

TalkTalk is where you will find the FORUMS. Please get in there and join the conversation. Create some new topics, ask a question, posit a philosophy, share an inspiration. stir something up!

Hubbub is the site-wide activity will allow you to see what’s been happening, site-wide all members, or with just your friends, what you’ve liked, and also any mentions you’ve gotten, so very handy!

Members is a where you can see all members or just your friends.  You can sort by “Last Active” or “Newest Registered” or “Alphabetical.” You can search for members if you are trying to find someone, using their real or username.

There is a secondary navigation menu for different sections on the site featuring exclusive content in the right hand column.

The footer has links to a FAQ, submissions guidelines etc., much of it placeholder copy as I type this.

You should be able to navigate between the main sections easily as of now. And I hope you will join in the fun … I strongly suggest CLICKING ON EVERYTHING AND FAMILIARIZING YOURSELF WITH THE SITE AND THE DIFFERENT AREAS! 

So this is what you should do now …

  • Create Your Profile & add some pictures (if you want to make albums, make them first & add pictures later)
  • Find Some Friends & Like their pictures or send a friend request,
  • Go to the Forums and post (let me know if you want a new forum created!)

If you are having ANY ISSUES, please let me know.

Welcome! If you are new (or old) to P1XELS, please know that your feedback is desired and appreciated, so don’t be shy! You know where to find me.


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