Blast From The Past by Ivo Coric

I really got off on the wrong foot with the iPhone street photographer seven years. First off, I said “no computer photo editing, iPhone editing only!” This did not go down well with many of them, since they were using Photoshop etc. on their computers to fix pictures from their phones. Also, I wasn’t highly complimentary about much of the i saw, i.e., pictures of people walking down the street away from the shooter. This also did not ingratiate me with much of the community, since they spent their time complimenting each other on the same pictures.

That is not to say there was not amazing work being done, because there was. I just wanted people take a little more time and not publish pictures constantly, to think a little more like, say, Ansel Adams, or Henri Cartier-Bresson … and post only their best images.

At some point I realized that, for a number of street photographers, the act of shooting the picture was more important than the picture itself. They were engaged in kind of performance art. While I can understand and have some respect for this, it’s not anything that excites me personally.

That said, I’ve done a lot of street photography myself, either waking around Oakland and San Francisco, or pulling over or doubling back while driving to get a shot.

Here is an article I wrote for the magazine on the history of Mobile Street Photography.

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