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I hate writing this stuff. I am the creator of P1XELS—The Art of the iPhone which has now morphed into the social network, P1XELS—The Art of Now.  The old site, which will soon be here as an archive, is the curated history of iPhone photography and art, covering the first seven years.

We did the first gallery shows of iPhone photography ever, around the country and in Europe. We got the press. We did the first events in Apple stores around the country. We launched the first print magazine dedicated to the art form in 2010, despite what a competitor claims. P1XELS was first in everything! Am I bragging? Not really, just stating a fact.

Another fact is that it all happened by accident.

I am a singer and composer who happened to fall in love with the new medium of iPhoneography in late 2009. I love taking and apping pictures on my phone. It has empowered me to create my own kind of visual art, along with thousands of others. I had the idea for the gallery show and found a gallery to do it in Berkeley and the thing just took off.

I quickly realized that the “real” photographers were trying to co-opt the medium, denying its legitimacy as its own art form. They also wanted to destroy it by allowing off-device editing, i.e., photoshop on a desktop computer. So they had to be fought and we did and won, thankfully.

This website is, of course, one more P1XELS first. I’ve been slowing working toward the creation of it for a long time. Lots of unforeseen technical issues. Been a long haul, but I’m very happy now.

Over the years, we’ve watched the businessmen come and go, trying to take from the community. Some are still around. P1XELS was created by artists for artists. It is still a work in progress: every day has been an improvisation. I invite you to help create this next phase and turn P1XELS into the collaborative site for the mobile arts I believe we have always deserved.

I am hoping the new site will engender a renaissance within the mobile arts as we share & seek inspiration here. Thanks all! —Knox

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