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After 6 years stumbling around in the dark woods of mobile image-making, I just returned to Talent, Oregon, from a trip East where I (1) showed my work and taught at Apple Boston; (2) taught for a day at a nearby college as a genuine “visiting artist;” (3) measured the walls so I could better imagine which images to offer to the new Harvard Medical School building committee who asked to buy some;  and (4) made friends with David Leibowitz whose book on Mobile Digital Art has been a map for me, making art on only my iPhone and iPad in a place where almost NO ONE has any idea WTF I’ve been doing the last six years.

My heart and head are spinning!

So many of you here befriended me years ago – without having a F$*&g clue about me – starting in EyeEm and then in IPA and now in FB and IG and Flickr. You have saved my sanity, quite literally, and I am looking forward to seeing how we might expand our learning conversations here in the new P1xels.

I’m just as curious about connecting here with new folks. So, let’s give this a try!

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