Jody Frost

Jody recently meandered down the west coast from Washington State to North California. Here are some of her gorgeous images from that journey.

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I drove down the Wa/ Oregon coast.  I’d flown up to Seattle where I met him as he’d driven up the week before in the motorhome.  He was up there to help his family prepare for funeral services for one of his brothers. It was a sad, dark time, one in which we’ll all experience. if not  once, most likely many times in our lives.

It rained pretty much steadily. (no surprise there I guess).  But after we’d put the whole “Celebration of Life” experience to rest, we fired up the Moho and down the coast we drove thru the relentless rain.  It was hard to get out and explore and shoot along the way because of all the rain.  But I did manage to catch a few breaks here and there.  So although the trip was hardly a vaca, I was able to capture a little of Oregon’s beautiful magic.

Just as an aside, I’m so not a Moho chick. LOL! Give me a comfy car and an even more comfy hotel to bed down in (and a bathroom big enough to turn around in) at the end of the day, and I’m a happy camper. 😉
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